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HP320 heat pump type compressor
HP320 heat pump scroll compressor
electric vehicle air conditioning compressor
DC320V electric automotive A/C compressor

Heat Pump 20cc/27cc 320v Electric AC Compressor

High Voltage Electric Compressor
Displacement (cc/rev):
Max cooling Capacity (KW):
Max cooling input power:
EVs at -20℃ to -25℃ cold regions
Technical Data
heat pump compressor
Automobile technology is constantly updated and developed, making electric vehicles a product of new energy technology. In addition to developing high-efficiency vehicle batteries and improving the capacity of EV batteries, it is more important to reduce the energy consumption of auxiliary equipment for electric vehicles. Among all the auxiliary system, cooling and heating system utilize most of the electric power. The key to reduce energy consumption of EV A/C system is to develop lightweight and efficient compressors.

Our Air-source HP320 DC 320V high volt compressor is such a high-efficiency AC compressor adopting Vapor Injection heat pump technology, specially designed for electric automotive. It consists of two scrolls, a fixed scroll (remaining stationary) and a orbiting scroll (being couple to the crankshaft in orbit). Fewer parts and simple straightforward design of the compressor make it more energy efficient.
The vapor injection heat pump technology adopted in HP320 compressor makes it the best solution for both cooling and heating requirements for electric automotive.

More information on Vapor Injection

This type of compressor adds an additional vapor injection port. 
From the suction port, it can receive the energy transferred from the evaporator; from the vapor injection port, the scroll compressor receives vapor supplemented from the flask tank (it is installed between the condenser and evaporator in the compression refrigeration cycle). The vapor is used to cool the refrigerant circulating in the pipeline. The essential meaning of the novel design is to use the vapor injection to divide the original one-stage compression process into a quasi two-stage compression.

Top Picks of HP320 Heat Pump Type Electric Auto AC Compressor

◆ Superior Efficiency and Thermal Comfort
Traditional electric compressor is with high compression ratio and high discharge temperature. All these shortages will affect the thermal comfort in passenger cabins. Our HP320 electric vehicle compressor has been greatly improved in both efficiency and performance when compared with conventional models.
The heat pump invention has the function of replenishing gas in the intermediate pressure chamber of the scroll compressor, which improves the compressor's discharge capacity, reduces its discharge temperature, and improves the heating capacity, thus significantly improving the overall performance of the electric vehicle HVAC system. the DC320V high voltage compressor is your best choice for electric A/C system which can provide sufficient heating capacity at low ambient temperatures.
high COP of 20cc heat pump compressor
COP Value of 20cc 320V heat pump scroll compressor at -10℃ low temperature and 10℃ ambient temperature

◆ Good Sealing Performance
Just like DC350V heat pump electric compressor, the DC320v electric auto ac compressor is comprised of a scroll compressor, a brushless motor, an inverter and drive controller. All these components are hermetically integrated together, which results in great sealing performance and safe working conditions. The other major benefits of the HP320 compressor is its compact design and small occupation, which makes it that can be installed basically anywhere on the electric cars and buses.

◆ Perfectly Meeting the Requirements of Electric Auto HVAC Industry
The working environment of automobile air conditioners has its own particularity, such as the need to withstand frequent vibrations and shocks, the large heat load of the AC system, and the limited structural space of the compressor. All these limitations determine that the design, installation, and technical requirements of the electric AC system are very different from ordinary one. Therefore, the electric ac compressor should be specially designed for electric automotive to fill the short boards. Our HP320 DC 320V scroll compressor has the advantages of compact structure, miniaturization, light weight, easy processing of parts and components, and convenient installation, perfectly meeting the increasing demands of electric vehicle market in the world.

◆ Applied to All DC320V Electric Vehicles
The heat pump type electric compressor is adopted for HVAC system in electric automotive, including electric bus, electric car, hybrid-electric vehicles etc. It is absolutely the best option for the A/C system in electric cars. It is one of the best selling high voltage electric compressors at Guchen EAC.
Model GCHP20A320 GCHP27A320
Basic Data 
Displacement (cc/rev) 20 27
max cooling Capacity (KW) 4.5 6
Max cooling input power 1.6 2.2
Max  electric current(A) 5 7.0
Speed range (rpm) 1000~6000rpm 1000~6000rpm
Max heating capacity(kw) 5.8 7.8
Max heating input power 1.5 2.0
Refrigerant R134a R134a
Rated voltage / Power range DC320V/DC200~400V DC320V/DC200~400V
Safety voltage ≤DC95V ≤DC95V
Speed control model PWM speed/CAN control PWM speed
Safety function Undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature Undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature
Weight(kg) 6.3 6.3
Suction pressure 0.20~0.45MPa 0.20~0.45MPa
Exhaust pressure ≤2.5 MPa ≤2.5 MPa
System oil volume 8%~12% of the Refrigerant 8%~12% of the Refrigerant
Water content ≤100ppm ≤100ppm
Protection grade IP67 IP67
Soft start time 15s 15s
Drive method Sine wave Sine wave
Driver Main Data Driver Main Data Driver Main Data
Type of cooling Suction cooling Suction cooling
Electromotor control mode No position sensor, sinusoidal drive No position sensor, sinusoidal drive
Rated bus current 5A 7.5A
· Phase line overcurrent protection current 7.5A±2A 10.5A±2A
Withstand voltage 200VAC,1min,No breakdown、flashing 200VAC,1min,No breakdown、flashing
Insulation Resistance >50MΩ >50MΩ
Operation Environment Temperature (℃) -10~+65℃ -10~+65℃
Store Environment Temperature (℃) -40~+85℃ -40~+85℃
Electromotor main data Electromotor main data Electromotor main data
motor type Permanent magnet brushless DC motor Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Poles/slots 6 poles / 10 slots 6 poles / 10 slots
Stator winding connection Three-phase Y Three-phase Y
withstand voltage 200VAC,1min,No breakdown、flashing 200VAC,1min,No breakdown、flashing
 insulation resistance  >50MΩ(No refrigerant in the compressor) >50MΩ(No refrigerant in the compressor)
>20MΩ(refrigerant in the compressor) >20MΩ(refrigerant in the compressor)
Extreme conditions
GCHP20A320 GCHP27A320
voltage(DCV) rotate speed(RPM) Exhaust limit allowable pressure voltage(DCV) rotate speed(RPM) Exhaust limit allowable pressure
320(rated) 1000-6000 2.5MPa 320(rated) 1000-6000 2.5MPa
400(Voltage HI Limit) 1000-6000 2.5MPa 400(Voltage HI Limit) 1000-6000 2.5MPa
200(Voltage Low Limit) 1000-1500 2.0Mpa 200(Voltage Low Limit) 1000-1500 2.0Mpa
High Voltage Electric Compressor Overview

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