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600v electric bus ac compressor
600v electric vehicle BTMS compressor
66cc 600V electric vehicle ac compressor

66cc/600V AC Compressor for Electric Bus & BTMS

High Voltage Electric Compressor
DC 600V (400V-950V)
Max. Cooling Capacity:
R134a and R1234yf
Technical Data
The GC66B600 is a 66cm3/r displacement, DC 600V scroll compressor for use in electric buses, coaches and electric vehicle battery thermal management systems (BTMS). The GC66B600's high performance and reliability make it ideal for use in high-volume operations such as public transportation systems where reliability is essential.
The GC66B600 has been designed to provide cooling capacity up to 12790w at 6000rpm. This makes it suitable for cooling batteries in pure-electric buses as well as other applications where large amounts of cooling are required, such as air conditioning systems in buses, trucks and HGVs.

Top Picks of GC66B600 Electric Bus AC Compressor

The GC66B600 is a compact 12kW dc compressor for electric buses and BTMS applications. It is designed to deliver high cooling capacity in a small footprint. The unit is equipped with a 66cm3/r displacement and can be operated at 6000rpm for maximum efficiency.

1) 400V-950V Wide Voltage Range

The main advantage of this wide voltage range is that it allows for a diverse range of applications, including all high voltage systems. The wide voltage range of this compressor makes it a very versatile machine. It can power multiple types of electric vehicles without requiring any additional adapters or converters. The special design makes sure that the 600V DC compressor will not be damaged by sudden changes in voltage or frequency and that there is less chance of overheating.

2) Low Noise Level

It features an oil-free design and low noise level, making it suitable for installations on board pure-electric buses, where the noise level should be kept as low as possible. The GC66B600 has an extra-low noise level of only 70dB in operation, which meets international standards and allows for the use of quiet fans with less noise emission when compared with similar products on the market.

3) Oil-Gas Separation Design

A built-in oil separator ensures enhanced overall refrigeration performance and long service life of the unit by removing oil from the discharge gas before they reach the evaporator in the air conditioning system. The oil filter ensures a better oil management in the discharge chamber of the electric compressor, thus promises an increased heat transfer coefficient.

4) Variable Speed Control

The GC66B600 also features an intelligent control that automatically adjusts the rotational speed according to load conditions in order to optimize energy consumption while maintaining optimal performance levels at all times.
Items Specifications
Model GC66B600 Electric scroll compressor
Refrigerant R134a and R1234yf
Displacement 66cm3/r
Rated Voltage 600V
Operating Voltage Range 400V-950V
Withstand Voltage Power on 2500V AC, and there is no abnormality after 1 minute
Speed Range 2500-6000rpm
Rated speed 6000rpm
Control Voltage 12V (9-16V) / 24V (16-32V)
Refrigerant Leakage <14g/a
Lubricating Oil POE68H/160ml
Installation Method Installed on the bracket through 4 holes
Suction Port Size Ф21.3mm
Outlet Size Ф15.5mm
IP Degree IP67
Type Test 《GB/T 22068-2018》
Motor type Permanent magnet synchronous motor
Insulation Power on 1000VDC, insulation resistance>100MΩ (at 20℃)
Cooling Capacity:
Speed(rpm) 3000 4000 6000
Cooling capacity(W) 7200 9600 14400
Power(W) 2580 3429 5237
COP 2.79 2.80 2.75
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