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320v high voltage electric AC compressor
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high voltage AC Compressor
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86cc/320V Variable-Speed Compressor

High Voltage Electric Compressor
Swept Volume (cm³):
Rated Voltage (V):
Weight (kg):
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP):
0.2 / 2.5 Mpa
Technical Data
Electric compressor drives the electric AC system for performing air-conditioning in an electric vehicle compartment.
GC86A320 variable-speed electric a/c compressor integrates the brush-less permanent magnet motor, drive controller, drive circuit and compressor, which enables the electric air conditioner unit to run independently.
It adopts the latest inverter drive technology. The inverter converts DC voltage (It enables to handle input voltage of 320 VDC) into three-phase alternating voltage required by the electric motor, which is to say that the speed of the compressor can be regulated to meet electric vehicle requirements for comfort cooling. Thus, minimizing the power consumption of the HVAC systems used in electric vehicles.

Varying the Electric AC Compressor Speed Increases Efficiency

Efficiency of an electric vehicle refrigeration compressor can be improved by running it longer and slower. The inverter scroll compressor can be operated over a wide range of speeds
1) to run at the slowest speed when possible,
2) not always at the maximum speed,

which resulting in large variations generating a modulated cooling output, thus producing more output cooling energy for every watt of input electrical energy. To a great extend, the GC86A320 variable speed compressor improves the energy efficiency ratio in electric vehicle refrigeration and air conditioning systems. It achieves unrivaled efficiency benefits.

Why is the Inverter HVAC Compressor a Must?

GC86A320 variable-speed refrigeration compressor can meet most climate control needs. Benefits of new design & technology in the AC compressor makes it a perfect choice for electric and hybrid vehicles.
◆ High efficiency brushless permenent-magnet electric motor
Motor in the inverter scroll compressor adopts advanced motor technology - innovative brushless motor technology. The brushless compressor electric motor uses quality & expensive permanent magnet materials. Better motor, Better payback. It is with improved efficiency and longer service life comparing with traditional DC motors.
Air conditioning systems with motor-driven compressor has been the most popular choice and a must for electric vehicles.

◆ Soft Starter Technology
A motor soft starter protects the electric AC compressor by reducing compressor start current during startup. Using a soft starter can provides the motor terminals a controlled ramp-up to full speed, more smoothly, and then enlarging its service life.

◆ Variable Speed
This novel variable-speed compressor can run at different speeds and rates depending on the cooling needs of the electric vehicle compartment. It makes the vehicle air conditioner unit a much more energy efficient system.
When the compressor runs at lower speed, the AC system operates much quieter. The quieter operation makes the inverter varialble-speed compressor the first choice for all electric vehicle applications.

◆ 320v High Voltage
The high voltage ac compressor can be used by all DC320V new-energy vehicles to cover a broad range of refrigeration demands.

Variable Speed A/C Compressor for Hybrid and Electric Vehicles (Car, Truck, Bus, Van etc.)

The GC86A320 electric AC compressor takes electric power from the battery pack. Actually electric and hybrid vehicles have been using electric air conditioning compressors for more than 15 years. GC86A320 scroll compressor, adopting with innovative inverter variable speed technology, is specially designed for hybrid/electric vehicle equipped with DC320V battery pack.
Why Choose Variable Speed Electric Compressor?
The biggest advantage of variable speed electric compressor is that it doesn’t run at full capacity any more, with 1000-5500rpm speed range adjustable according to the ambient temperature or the temperature requirements being made by the electric vehicle’s occupants. A variable speed electric compressor saves energy greatly, and provides more comfort interior temperature for passengers.
Model GC86A320
Refrigerant R407c
Displacement (cc/rev) 86
Rated voltage / Power type DC320V / DC 220V~450V
Speed range (rpm) 1000~5500
Communication protocal CAN 2.0b or PWM
Operation Environment Temperature (℃) -40~90
Oil Type RL68H/150ml
Rated cooling Capacity (W) 25000
Rated power (W) /
Test Condition Te/Tc=7.2/54.4℃, SH/SC=11.1/10.5℃
compressor length (mm) 309
Suction diameter D1 (mm) 21.3
Discharge diameter D2 (mm) 18.3
Weight of the compressor (kg) 12.5
High Voltage Electric Compressor Overview

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