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24V electric compressor for sale in overseas market
Export Success: Guchen's 24V Electric Compressors Garner High Praise
With the successful shipment of 20 sets of 27CC 24V electric compressors, Guchen Compressors showcase their high performance and reliability. Customers praise the compressors for their robustness, efficient cooling capacity, and seamless integration of advanced technologies. Guchen's emphasis on customer satisfaction and adherence to quality standards further solidify its position as a leader in the automotive electric compressor industry.
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DQ34A350 compressor for sale abroad
15 Sets of DQ34A350 Electric Car AC Compressor For Sale Abroad
Guchen EAC's main products include all kinds of electric compressors, such as DQ34A350 e-compressors, GC34A800 model and so on. Our products are widely used in the automobile industry and widely recognized by our customers.
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14 sets ld20a12ab shipped abroad
14 Sets of LD20A12AB Electric AC Compressor for sale Abroad
It is a DC air conditioning compressor with 12v voltage for car, truck, van and RV. This product has been widely used in many countries like America, Europe and India.
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GC66A540 electric compressor export abroad
5 Sets of GC66A540 Electric Bus AC Compressor Exported Abroad
GC66A540 compressor has the advantages of long service life, high reliability and low noise. The characteristics of high pressure ratio and high flow rate make it suitable for air-conditioning system under high temperature working environment.
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27cc 24v compressor for sale
60 Sets of 27cc 24V Electric Compressor Shipped Abroad
We are pleased to announce that we have shipped 60 sets of 27cc 24V Electric Compressor to our customer abroad. They were well-packaged, so they won't be damaged during delivery.
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60 pieces of 800v compressor for sale
53 Pieces of GC34A800 800V Compressors for Export
The 53 pieces of 800v compressor are perfect for any commercial or industrial applications. With a voltage of 800, GC34A800 can handle any high voltage need you may have.
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