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34cc/350V Electric Compressor for EVs

High Voltage Electric Compressor
Swept Volume (cm³):
Rated Voltage (V):
Weight (kg):
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP):
0.2 / 2.5 Mpa
Technical Data
350V compressor
With the growing attention to environmental protection and CO2 emissions reduction, new energy vehicles are developing rapidly in the world. Pure electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles have been assigned a top priority in the further development of the worldwide new energy vehicle industry. Consequently, the needs for highly reliable and efficient electrically-driven compressors are also increasing, to match with the air conditioning system of electric vehicles.

GC34A350 Electric AC Compressor Basics

GC34A350 electric compressor is dedicated designed by Guchen EAC Team. It is a 350 volt high-voltage air conditioner compressor with super high efficiency, providing sufficient thermal comfort to the passenger compartment of electric vehicles.
The electric air conditioner compressor mainly comprises a scroll compressor, an electric motor, and a drive controller.
scroll technology on electric compressor
Scroll Compressor: adopting latest variable speed technology. It is used to compress R134a refrigerant of the HVAC system in electric vehicles.
Three-phase Electric Motor: During operation, the ac compressor is driven by brush-less permanent magnet motor which is integrated into the EV's high voltage network.
Drive Controller: the variable frequency drive controller controls the inverter to provide a variable speed for precise temperature control and high efficiency.

Top Picks of GC34A350 Electric A/C Compressor

◆ Broad scope of applications
The high voltage AC electric compressor can be used in a wide range of electric vehicles, including pure electric bus, electric cars, trolley buses, hybrid-electric transit buses. It is also a perfect match for thermal management in electric and hybrid vehicle battery systems.

◆ Extraordinary Efficiency
Energy consumption is one of the most important factors when deciding a purchase. In air conditioning industry, the improvement of efficiency in A/C compressor will directly determine whether customers will take it as a preferred choice or not. Our highly reliable electric compressor is generally known as improved efficiency compressor. It is with high performance and extraordinary efficiency, which can perfectly satisfy the growing demands of electric vehicle HVAC market nowadays.
34cc 350v electric compressor
◆ Fully Variable Speed Control
Intelligent speed control is a “must” in any optimized HVAC system in electric vehicles. A proper speed control of AC compressor insures a full variable adjustment of the cooling capacity on demand. DQ34A350 electric compressor is a variable speed compressor (the most advanced scroll technology), which combines intelligent system control with inverter variable speed operation to insure a continuous matching between the cooling capacity and the varying thermal load;
▽ operating with a wide range of control;
▽ providing premium thermal comfort for application in an electric vehicle air-conditioning system;
▽ providing energy savings;
▽ providing enhanced load matching capability.
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Components: Main and Functional 34cc 350V Electric Compressor's parts

350v electric AC compressor inner structure and components
compressor housing inverter and control unit electric motor housing electric motor stator unit electric motor rotor unit bearing seat unit bob-weight
ring loop rotating scroll unit fixed scroll unit gasket oil-gas separator rear protective cover fastening bolt

F (bearing seat unit)

f1 bearing seat
f2 bearing
f3 cylindrical pin
f4 wear plate
J (fixed scroll unit) j1 fixed scroll
j2 dowel pin
j3 sealing ring
j4 screen
j5 exhaust valve
j6 stopper
j7 fastening screw

Drive Port Definition of DC350V High Voltage Compressor

350V scroll compressor
high voltage compressor connector

Terminals Definition  
High Voltage 2-pin (powertrain interface) A Positive terminal + of DC high voltage source The connection between controller with power battery
B Negative terminal - of DC high voltage source
Low Voltage 6-pin (control signal interface) P1 12V+ The connection between controller with low voltage control system
P2 Start-stop signal input
P3 PWM Speed control signal input
P4 12V-

Positive Feedback: On-site Installation Pictures by the Overseas Customer

350v high performance air conditioning compressors 350v electric compressors 350v electric compressor for electric vehicle


Model GC34A350
Refrigerant R134a
Displacement (cc/rev) 34cc
Rated voltage / Power type DC350V / DC 230V~420V
Speed range (rpm) 1000~6500
Communication protocal CAN 2.0b or PWM
Operation Environment Temperature (℃) -40~90
Oil Type RL68H/120ml
Rated cooling Capacity (W) 5900
Rated power (W) 2700
Test Condition Ps/Pd=0.3/1.5Mpa(A), SH/SC=10/5℃
compressor length (mm) 209
Suction diameter D1 (mm) 18.3
Discharge diameter D2 (mm) 15.5
Weight of the compressor (kg) 6.1

350V High Voltage Electric Compressor Performance Curve

350V AC compressor
350V electric compressor
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