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heat pump compressor
heat pump electric ac compressor
heat pump electric compressor
High Voltage Electric Heat Pump Compressor

Heat Pump 34cc/350V Electric Compressor

High Voltage Electric Compressor
Displacement (cc/rev):
Max cooling Capacity (KW):
Max cooling input power:
Max electric current(A):
Technical Data
Electric and hybrid cars use high voltage A/C compressor to compress the refrigerant.
Guchen HP350 compressor is a heat pump DC350V electric scroll compressor, not dependent on the running of the combustion engine when running A/C. Its cooling capacity could reach the maximum value of 7.6KW.
Guchen HP350 electrically driven compressor is capable of providing cooling capability during engine stop. This makes for more thermal comfort when passengers ride on electric vehicles.
heat pump scroll compressor

34cc/350V Heat Pump Electric Compressor

The 34cc heat pump compressor unit can produce between 1-7.6kw and is available in 350 volt. 
The heat pump scroll compressor is dedicated manufactured with a over-voltage and under-voltage protection, which is a low voltage, high voltage & quick voltage fluctuation cut out function.
Low voltage cut out (won't operate below) @350V = 200V
High voltage cut (cannot exceed) @350V = 400V
350V heat pump compressor

Some Need-to-Know Facts on Guchen High Volt Electric Air Conditioner Compressor

◆ The electric vehicle A/C compressors used in hybrid vehicles are driven by a high-voltage electric motor. It requires RL68H Polyol Ester (POE) oil which is a specific type of AC refrigerant oil that is non-conductive.

◆ The electric compressor inverter is integrated with the compressor. The inverter-integrated construction makes the AC compressor compact, significantly improving electric compressor installability in hybrid and electric vehicles (cars, buses, trucks, vans etc.)

◆ The HP350 operates between 200-400 VDC and has 34cc/rev of displacement.

◆ 1) Do not attempt to disassemble the electric ac compressor yourself, otherwise the warranty will be voided; 2) No warranty will be given on any repair. If there’s something wrong with your compressor, please contact with our technicians at first: info@guchen.com

◆ Guchen offers both high voltage AC compressor and low voltage electric compressor units for EV (electric vehicles) and HEV (hybrid-electric vehicles) applications
assembly line of Guchen EAC compressor
Noise test, Performance test, Vibration test of Guchen EAC heat pump electric compressor

Dedicated Design of 350V Heat Pump Scroll Compressor

◆ the most advanced assembly
Guchen EAC optimizes the structure of static scroll plate of electric scroll compressor, based on the method of air enthalpy difference. Key components in the heat pump electric compressor include elements as a variable speed scroll compressor and a reversible air-to-air heat pump. The novel design of HP series heat pump electric compressor improves its heating and cooling capability.
They are available to handle input voltages of 200 to 400VDC to provide operator comfort and to meet the comfort requirements of today’s electric vehicles in winter and summer.

◆ Increased Heating Performance when Operated in a Cold Climate, Compared with ordinary electric air conditioning compressors.
A heat pump compressor with vapor injection technology is dedicated designed for electric vehicle air conditioning system, to improve its heating performance in winter days. Though barriers remain, there are still many top picks that makes heat pump scroll compressor the top choice for EV manufacturers.
It was tested that under a low (-10℃) ambient temperature, the heat pump electric compressor will achieve an average improvement of 30% in heating capacity, when compared with other electric compressors. 
PS: The heating performance of heat pump system when operated in extremely cold regions is still under test.
heat pump scroll compressor
◆ the most advanced process control techniques
The most advanced soft starting technology is adopted to provide adjustable voltage to the motor, resulting in a smoother starting performance of the heat pump electric compressor. The innovative electric designs of the compressor allow the electric vehicle A/C operating more smoothly. 


34cc/350V Heat Pump Electric Scroll Compressor Technical Data

Model GCHP34A350
Basic Data
Displacement (cc/rev) 34cc
max cooling Capacity (KW) 7.6
Max cooling input power 2.7
Max  electric current(A) 8
Speed range (rpm) 1000~6000rpm
Max heating capacity(kw) 9.7
Max heating input power 2.5
Refrigerant R134a
Oil Type RL68H(POE OIL)
Rated voltage / Power range DC320V/DC200~400V
Safety voltage ≤DC95V
Speed control model PWM speed/CAN control
Safety function Undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature
Weight(kg) 6.3
Suction pressure 0.20~0.45MPa
Exhaust pressure ≤2.5 MPa
System oil volume 8%~12% of the Refrigerant
Water content ≤100ppm
Protection grade IP67
Soft start time 15s
Drive method Sine wave
Driver Main Data Driver Main Data
type of cooling Suction cooling
electromotor control mode No position sensor, sinusoidal drive
Rated bus current 8A
Phase line overcurrent protection current 12A±2A
Withstand voltage 200VAC,1min,No breakdown、flashing
Insulation Resistance >50MΩ
Operation Environment Temperature (℃) -10~+65℃
Store Environment Temperature (℃) -40~+85℃
Electromotor main data Electromotor main data
motor type Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Poles/slots 6 poles / 10 slots
Stator winding connection  
Three-phase Y
withstand voltage 200VAC,1min,No breakdown、flashing
 insulation resistance  >50MΩ(No refrigerant in the compressor)
>20MΩ(refrigerant in the compressor)
Extreme conditions
voltage(DCV) rotate speed(RPM) Exhaust limit allowable pressure
350(rated) 1000-6000 2.5MPa
405(Voltage HI Limit) 1000-6000 2.5MPa
230(Voltage Low Limit) 1000-1500 2.0Mpa
350V heat pump electric compressor

34cc/350V Heat Pump Electric Compressor Low Temperature Heating Performance Curve

34cc heat pump compressor performance

34cc/350V Heat Pump Compressor Refrigeration Performance Curve

350V heat pump electric compressor

34cc/350V Heat Pump Electric AC Compressor Thermal Performance Curve

heat pump compressor thermal performance curve
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