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electric car ac compressor
electric scroll compressor
electric automotive ac compressor
Scroll compressor for electric cars

20cc/27cc 320V Electric Scroll Compressor

High Voltage Electric Compressor
Swept Volume (cm³):
Rated Voltage (V):
Weight (kg):
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP):
0.2 / 2.5 Mpa
Technical Data
320V Electric scroll Compressor

All-Electric Future

GC320 is an electric scroll compressor, specially designed for electric automotive air conditioning systems. Scroll compressor means that it uses the “scroll” principle to compress the refrigerant (R134a) to the auto AC unit, thus producing a great cooling effect. With high efficiency and reliability, it is becoming more popular for use in electric car HVAC systems, also for electric trucks.
A DC voltage of 320 volt is used. The electric car A/C compressor is a solid choice for all kinds of 320V DC new energy vehicles , such as pure-electric cars, hybrid electric car etc. Best electric car scroll compressor with a much smoother operation.

2 types of 320V scroll compressor: 20cc/320V compressor and 27cc/320V electric compressor
The difference between these 2 models are Displacement:
◆ 20cc/320V AC compressor is with 1,700W rated cooling capacity
◆ 27cc/320V compressor with 4,500W rated cooling capacity


Features of GC20A320 Electric Scroll Compressor

◆ All our High voltage compressors are with Interlock Device
electric AC compressor with interlock device
◆ Hermetic
GC320 is a hermetically sealed electric compressor which means that the motor and compressor are confined in a sealed unit. It is so widespread across all the refrigeration and air conditioning systems in electric autos. It is also a preferred financially efficient choice for worldwide automakers.
Any attempt to disassemble any part of the hermetic compressor will void its warranty.
27cc 320V electric Compressor

◆ Compact Structure
GC320 high voltage electric car air conditioning compressor has a deft design and compact size, offering higher efficiency and greater performance when compared to conventional air conditioning compressor. The integration of compressor and controller makes the unit a closed integral structure.

◆ Brushless DC Motor
The efficiency of a driving motor will directly and greatly affect that of a compressor. The electric AC compressor functions with their own brushless DC motor (independently working) which can be switched on and off as desired, therefore the compressor efficiency has been greatly improved. The use of brushless DC motor has catered to a growing requirement for more powerful automotive components in a high voltage compressor AC system.
high voltage interlock loop in electric compressor
Guchen EAC electric compressor with high voltage interlock safe design

◆ Fully Electric
DQ320 AC compressor is fully electric (a clutch is not required), driven by the battery bank. To drive the electric scroll compressor, a direct-current voltage of 320 volts is used to generate the right amount of torque. Then, the scroll compressor compresses R134a refrigerant in the automotive HVAC system.
Installing or replacing the high voltage automotive air conditioning compressor must have the appropriate qualifications, or must be qualified/trained.
320V electric compressor

Application of 320 VDC High Voltage Electric Automotive A/C Compressor

DQ320 high-volt ac compressor is well suited for a large variety of hybrid and electric vehicle applications -
◆ electrically powered cars, electric cars, or for car electric conversion.
◆ electric & hybrid truck, semi trucks, pickups (Ford, Toyota, Hyundai etc.)
◆ electric excavator
◆ electrification of tractors
◆ hybrid diesel-electric cars
◆ battery thermal management system (BTMS)
◆ other applications: traditional cabin climate control

Guchen EAC offers a wide range of auto ac compressor for electric vehicle air conditioning. If you have a need for energy-efficient, environment-friendly and quality DC powered ac compressors, Guchen has the model for you.

Parts of DC320V Electric A/C Compressor

320v compressor parts and components

320v electric car ac compressor


All electric automotive ac compressors are covered by the manufactuer's 12 month warranty.
Model GC20A320 GC27A320
Refrigerant R134a R134a
Displacement (cc/rev) 20cc 27cc
Rated voltage / Power type DC320V / DC 230V~450V DC320V / DC 230V~450V
Speed range (rpm) 1000~6500 1000~6500
Communication protocal CAN 2.0b or PWM CAN 2.0b or PWM
Operation Environment Temperature (℃) -40~90 -40~90
Oil Type RL68H/120ml RL68H/120ml
Rated cooling Capacity (W) 3500 4500
Rated power (W) 1140 2030
Test Condition Ps/Pd=0.3/1.5Mpa(A), SH/SC=10/5℃ Ps/Pd=0.3/1.5Mpa(A), SH/SC=10/5℃
compressor length (mm) 209 209
Suction diameter D1 (mm) 18.3 18.3
Discharge diameter D2 (mm) 15.5 15.5
Weight of the compressor (kg) 6.1 6.1

320V Electric Compressor Overview

20cc/320V Scroll compressor performance curve:

27cc/320V electric compressor performance curve:

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