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40cc/380V Three Phase Electric Scroll Compressor

High Voltage Electric Compressor
Swept Volume (cm³):
Rated Voltage (V):
Weight (kg):
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP):
0.2 / 2.5 Mpa
Technical Data

Electric compressor is known as the “heart” of electric vehicle air conditioning system. A type of compressor that is with an inverter to convert the DC power into three-phase AC power is a 3 Phase AC compressor. Our GC40 series electric compressor is such an efficient unit whose motor provides a three phase frequency and voltage.
The 3 phase scroll compressor is electrically driven with high voltage 380V power (the high voltage powers the AC compressor, electric brushless motor and inverter), rather than mechanically driven from the vehicle’s engine. This allows the normally operating of vehicle air conditioning system even when the vehicle engine is turned off.

5 Reasons to Choose GC40 380V Electric Air Conditioning Compressor

◆ The Lowest-vibration Brushless Motor

The three phase electric AC compressor is with a brushless motor. The benefits of this technology is little maintenance, less vibrating and longer service life. The motor uses specialized magnetic material in the rotor, therefore you can also call it as “Permanent Magnet AC Compressor Motor”. The permanent magnet motor achieves higher efficiency (85-90%), being widely used in electric air conditioning compressor.
Besides that, the electric motor operates with rather low background noise.

◆ 15 Seconds Soft Starting Time

When motors run the three-phase ac compressor, they draw a large amount of current when starting up. The built-in soft starter function reduces start-up current and motor torque to protect motor components, and minimize power quality issues. This is why electric motors should employ soft starting. This is why you can trust and choose to buy our GC40 three-phase electric scroll compressor without the slightest hesitancy.

◆ DC-AC Power Inverter Technology

In GC40 air conditioning compressor, there is a power inverter used to alternate current -- converting high voltage DC 380V power into 3 phase AC power (less than 380V), supply to the electric motor to drive the scroll compressor. The speed of the brushless motor can be controlled by varying the supply power. To a great extend, this novel design boasts low energy consumption.

◆ In a Compact Design

The energy-efficient electric AC compressor is compact. Due to the compact high efficiency design, the compressor is with superb mountability, providing a secure and safe space to keep operators safe in electric vehicles.

◆ Suits Endless Electric Vehicle Applications

As one of the most important air conditioning components, the GC40A380 AC compressor is developed to use in all kinds of EVs, hybrid vehicles. It provides adequate and sufficient cooling performance in vehicle cabin. It is ideal for electric vehicle factories, and HVAC repair service centers. Our sales data shows that in the past few years, GC40 series compressor is one of the most popular models for automotive repair shops.


Components of 380V Electric Compressor

380V electric vehicle air conditioning compressor
rear protective cover fixed scroll unit rotating scroll unit bearing cover unit
electric motor rotor unit electric motor housing electric motor stator unit bearing cover unit

Model GC40A380
Refrigerant R410a
Displacement (cc/rev) 40
Rated voltage / Power type DC380V / DC 220V~450V
Speed range (rpm) 1000~5500
Communication protocal CAN 2.0b or PWM
Operation Environment Temperature (℃) -40~90
Oil Type RL68H/350ml
Rated cooling Capacity (W) 16000
Rated power (W) 5500
Test Condition Te/Tc=7.2/54.4℃, SH/SC=11/8.3℃
compressor length (mm) 309
Suction diameter D1 (mm) 18.3
Discharge diameter D2 (mm) 15.5
Weight of the compressor (kg) 12.5
High Voltage Electric Compressor Overview

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