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12kw electric compressor for truck battery cooling

Electric-driven Compressors to Provide 12kW Refrigeration for Cabin & Battery Cooling for Electric Truck

Guchen's electric compressors are optimized for electric truck applications, providing a stable 12kW of cooling power for cabin and battery temperature control.
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Electric ac compressor design technology

Summary of Key Technologies for Electric Vehicle AC Compressor Design

The summary reveals the inner design technologies of electric AC compressors. Learn about critical mechanical structures enabling smooth, reliable compression. Dive into advanced materials and surface treatments boosting durability. Discover how electric motor innovations allow precise control and efficiency.
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Guchen Compressor 2024

The Development Plan of Guchen Compressor in 2024

In order to achieve sustainable development in future development, Guchen compressor will further improve its core competitiveness by deepening reform on production process management system; improving product quality through comprehensive application of new technologies; speeding up construction of international brand image; building up a comprehensive after-sale system;
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XPeng P7

Detailed Explanation of the Thermal Management System of Xpeng P7

The thermal management system of Xpeng P7 is a key part to ensure the normal operation of the vehicle. The thermal management system is responsible for maintaining the temperature of different parts in the vehicle and preventing them from overheating. In this paper, we will discuss how thermal management system works and how it manages to maintain proper temperature in different parts of a car.
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electric forklift battery cooling

What is Battery Cooling System in Electric Forklifts?

The battery cooling system in electric forklifts is an important part of the vehicle design. The battery must be cooled so that the battery temperature does not rise above the maximum allowable limit.
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electric compressor for EV battery thermal management system

The Role of Electric Compressor in Automotive BTMS

The role of electric compressor in electric vehicle BTMS is to maintain the temperature of the battery packs and keep them in optimal operating range. The compressor uses refrigerant which absorbs heat from cells and releases it outside air by extracting heat from the battery pack, thus reducing its temperature.
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