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48V electric ac compressor
48 volt ac compressor for car
48v dc compressor for air conditioner

20cc/27cc 48 Volt DC Air Conditioner Compressor

Low Voltage Electric Compressor
Cooling Capacity
Max 4.5 kW
48 V DC
Operating temperature range
-40 / +150℃
IP protection class
Technical Data
48v compressor for Electric multi passenger vehicle
If you are researching a fully electric 48V AC compressor to be used in light electric vehicles, Guchen novel GC20A48 (20cc, 48v) and GC27A48 (27cc, 48v) models are your preferable choices. These 2 models are DC 48 volt air conditioner compressor, with improved operational efficiency.
◆ featuring the latest variable-speed inverter technology;
◆ R134a electric scroll compressor;
◆ using premium quality brushless DC electric motor for excellent speed controllability.
◆ heat pump is available for heating in cold climates.
(For more details on heat pump system, please mail to shao@guchen.com or ec@guchen.com)
12V, 24V, 72V available too.

Wire in of 48V Electric Compressor

The 48V air conditioner compressor is fairly simple to wire in, with three looms in total; the red one is for the positive battery terminal, the black 1 for negative, and the black 2 is signal line in which consists of 5 wires with different colors (green, blue, white, black and red). It is usually controlled by a PWM generator or a 3-speed rotary switch.
easy wire in of 48V electric ac compressorsignal line of 48v ac compressor


Guchen 48 Volt AC Compressor boasts:

◆ Higher energy efficiency

It is a powerful and efficient electric compressor with minimum power consumption. The brushless dc inverter motor has an increased efficiency and consumes less electricity. The 48V DC scroll compressor as its high efficiency and increasingly improved cooling performance, it has seen an increase in demand. Meanwhile, it plays a more and more important role in small electric vehicle air conditioning.

◆ Safely and comfortable driving environment

All the innovative technologies of Guchen 48V compressor is to provide the highest quality of comfort through climate control. It is able to better match vehicle climate control requirements, and to provide maximum comfort in battery powered air conditioning applications.

◆ Very compact design & Low noise level

You can install the 48V e-compressor anywhere in the mini electric vehicles. The flexible installation is preferable for most micro electric cars with DC 48 volt air conditioner. Thanks to the low noise and compact build, this low voltage ac compressor will not disturb the riding environment, being the best choice that you will never regret.

◆ Soft Starting, Multi-level protection

The 48v electric automotive air conditioning compressor comes with multiple protection designs including under voltage protection, over voltage protection, over current protection and over temperature protection. All these protection designs protect the electric ac compressor from in unstable dangerous state.

48v electric air conditioning compressor for mini electric vehicles

Application of 48V Electric AC Compressor

It is widely used in DC 48V air conditioning applications for:
◆ Electric multi-passenger vehicle
◆ Electric tractor for logistics
◆ Electric carts, mini electric car
◆ 48V Electric Utility Vehicle
◆ 2 Seat Electric Vehicle
◆ Micro Electric Last Mile Delivery Vehicle, Last mile delivery van
◆ 48V Electric Burden Carrier
◆ Electric tow tractor
It has the advantages of energy saving, efficient temperature control and high cooling capacity. For quotes online, please mail to ec@guchen.com or shao@guchen.com
Model GC20A48 GC27A48
Displacement 20cm³/r 27cm³/r
Max. cooling capacity 3500W 4500W
Max. input power 1630W 2040W
Refrigerant R134a
Speed range 1000rpm~6000rpm
Oil RL68H(POE Oil)
HV Voltage range DC32~64V
Control mode PWM speed control
Protective function Undervoltage, Overvoltage, Overcurrent, Overtemperature
Protection class IP67
Working temperature -40℃~150℃
Storage temperature -40℃~150℃
Net weight 6.1kg

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