GC-33CC Tesla aftermarket electric ac compressor
Tesla Model S electric compressor
GC-33CC tesla aftermarket electric car ac compressor

33CC/280V-700V Aftermarket Electric Compressor for Tesla Model S & Model X

High Voltage Electric Compressor
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GC-33CC Electric Car AC Compressor: The Best Option for Tesla Aftermarket

The GC-33CC electric air conditioning compressor is meticulously engineered to cater to the specific needs of Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S aftermarket applications. As the demand for high-performance, reliable, and efficient air conditioning solutions grows, the GC-33CC stands out as the premier choice for Tesla owners seeking to maintain or upgrade their vehicle's climate control systems. This advanced compressor embodies cutting-edge technology and superior design, ensuring optimal performance and durability, making it an indispensable component for Tesla vehicles.

33CC Displacement with 3600W Cooling Capacity at 4000rpm

Boasting a 33CC displacement, the GC-33CC delivers an impressive 3600W cooling capacity at a rated speed of 4000rpm. This remarkable performance ensures that Tesla vehicles maintain a comfortable interior climate, even under demanding conditions. Furthermore, the electric car compressor's capability to reach speeds up to 6000rpm demonstrates its robust design and adaptability, providing exceptional cooling efficiency and responsiveness. Whether navigating urban environments or long highway drives, the GC-33CC ensures that the vehicle's occupants remain cool and comfortable.
Speed (rpm) 3000 4000 6000
Cooling Capacity (W) >2700 >3600 >5400
EERW/W ≥2.0 ≥2.1 ≥2.0
GC-33CC compressor cooling capacity

280V~700VDC Voltage Range (Adjustable According to Customer Requirements)

The GC-33CC compressor is designed to operate within a broad voltage range of 280 to 700VDC. This flexibility allows the voltage to be adjusted according to specific customer requirements, making the compressor highly adaptable to various electrical systems and configurations. Furthermore, this voltage flexibility enhances the GC-33CC’s versatility in the aftermarket sector. Automotive technicians and engineers can confidently recommend and install the compressor in a wide range of EV models, knowing that it can be configured to suit the specific voltage requirements of each vehicle. This adaptability not only simplifies the installation process but also broadens the scope of vehicles that can benefit from the advanced cooling capabilities of the GC-33CC.

Wide Working Temperature Range -10℃~85℃

It is engineered to function efficiently across a wide temperature range, from -10℃ to 85℃. This extensive operational range ensures reliable performance in various climatic conditions, from freezing winters to scorching summers. Tesla vehicles equipped with the GC-33CC can maintain optimal air conditioning performance regardless of external temperatures, providing a comfortable and consistent driving experience for occupants year-round.
The ability to perform reliably under such a wide range of temperatures also speaks to the durability and resilience of the GC-33CC's design. It is built to withstand the thermal stresses that can affect automotive components, ensuring long-term reliability and reducing the likelihood of performance degradation over time. This makes the GC-33CC not only a high-performance option but also a cost-effective investment for electric car owners looking to maintain or upgrade their vehicle’s air conditioning system.
Tesla Model S Model X aftermarket compressor

Speed Control Method: PWM and CAN

Incorporating advanced speed control methods, the GC-33CC utilizes both Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and Controller Area Network (CAN) protocols. These control methods enable precise regulation of the compressor's speed, enhancing its efficiency and responsiveness. PWM provides fine-tuned control over the compressor's output, while CAN integration facilitates seamless communication with the vehicle's onboard systems. This dual control approach ensures that the compressor operates at peak efficiency, contributing to the overall performance and reliability of the vehicle's air conditioning system.

Fully Integrated Design

The GC-33CC features a fully integrated design, combining all necessary components (electric motor, drive, and compressor body) into a compact and cohesive unit. This design not only simplifies installation and maintenance but also enhances the compressor's durability and performance. By integrating all essential elements, the GC-33CC minimizes potential points of failure and maximizes efficiency, ensuring long-lasting and reliable operation in demanding automotive environments. This streamlined design makes it an ideal choice for aftermarket applications, providing a hassle-free solution for Tesla owners.

Multiple Protection Strategies

The GC-33CC is equipped with multiple protection strategies to ensure safe and reliable operation under various conditions. These strategies include over-voltage protection, over-current protection, over-temperature protection, and over-load protection. For instance, when the compressor's power reaches 5000W, its speed is automatically limited to prevent damage. If the power reaches 5600W, the compressor will stop immediately to safeguard against potential harm. These comprehensive protection mechanisms ensure the longevity and safety of the compressor.
In conclusion, the GC-33CC Electric Car AC Compressor stands out as the best option for the Tesla Model X and Tesla Model S aftermarket. Its advanced features, including high cooling capacity, adjustable voltage range, wide working temperature, sophisticated speed control, fully integrated design, and robust protection strategies, make it a reliable and efficient choice for maintaining and upgrading Tesla vehicles' air conditioning systems.
Model GC-33CC
Compressor Type Electric Scroll Compressor
Displacement 33CC
Rated Input Voltage 280V-700VDC
Cooling Capacity >3600W at 4000rpm
Refrigerant R134a
Refrigerant Oil POE Oil RL68H/150ml
Speed Range 1000-6000rpm
Ambient Temperature -10℃~+85℃
Suction Pressure 0.2-0.45Mpa
Discharge Pressure 0.8-2.5Mpa
Pressure Ratio ≤8.5
High Pressure 8.3Mpa
Low Pressure 5.2Mpa
Evaporator Temperature -10℃~+12℃
Condenser Temperature 30℃~78℃
Discharge Temperature ≤110℃
Shell Aluminum-alloy
Total Weight 6.25kg
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