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72v ac compressor
72v electric auto ac compressor
72v ev ac compressor

Heat Pump 27cc/72V Electric Climate Compressor

Low Voltage Electric Compressor
Displacement (cc/rev):
Max cooling Capacity (KW):
Max cooling input power:
Max electric current(A):
Technical Data
The electric compressor is the core of the new energy vehicle air conditioning system. It integrates the motor, controller and compressor into an organic whole. It has good automatic control performance and realizes information exchange with the vehicle control system. It is an important implementation of intelligent vehicle environmental engineering unit. The heat pump type electric vehicle air-conditioning compressor developed by Guchen improves the efficiency of the heat pump cycle and solves the problem of electric vehicle heating and defrosting in extremely cold areas that consume a lot of electricity. After the provincial and ministerial level scientific and technological achievements are firm, its technical indicators have reached the international advanced and domestic leading levels.
Guchen heat pump type electric air-conditioning compressor GC27A72 is suitable for all cars with DC72V DC power supply.

Outstanding feature of Low Voltage Electric Compressor
  • Integrated structure: Scroll compressor, permanent magnet brushless DC motor, drive controller is composed of 3 parts, the motor and drive controller get a cryogenic gas refrigerant for good cooling.
  • Oil separator mechanism: The refrigerated oil is separated from the gas refrigerant in the oil separator, circulates in the compressor, improves lubrication, reduces the heat exchanger resistance of the air conditioning system, and increases the refrigerating capacity of the air conditioning system by 5-10%.
  • Ring pin anti-rotation mechanism: simple structure, high reliability, low noise, low cost.
  • Vortex profile with variable cross section: thick inner wall, high compressive strength, thin outer wall, the displacement can be made larger under the same vortex height.
  • Aluminium light-weight construction, compact scroll compressor, this can save the vehicle space, easy installation, also save material and reduce power consumption.
  • Robust designed, long-lasting electromotor, reliability performance, and the vehicle air-conditioning compressor can operate in the harsh conditions.
  • Have a good shock resistance performance, the vehicle can bump on the rough roads and it would not damage the vehicle air conditioning.
  • A large speed range, the compressor have a greater cooling capacity and higher efficiency whatever the compressor in any conditions.
  • The refrigeration compressor with very economical, and have a long service life.

Low Voltage Electric Compressor Application

    Guchen low voltage electric compressor is mainly used in
    Car air conditioner
    Van air conditioner
    Construction machine air conditioner
    Tractor air conditioner
    Truck air conditioner
    Commercial vehicles air conditioner etc.
    It is universal operation with all coolants generally used in mobile applications
Main and functional compressor’s parts

GC27A72 Electric Compressor for Van Air Conditioner
GC27A72 Vehicle Compressor is mainly suitable for van, ambulance , commercial vehicles and the swept volume of GC27A72 compressor is 27 cm3.
Model GC27A72
Basic Data
Displacement (cc/rev) 27
max cooling Capacity (KW) 4.8
Max cooling input power 2.35
Max  electric current(A) 35
Speed range (rpm) 1000~6000rpm
Max heating capacity(kw)  
Max heating input power  
Refrigerant R134a
Oil Type RL68H(POE OIL)
Rated voltage / Power range DC72V/DC60~85V
Safety voltage ≤DC95V
Speed control model PWM speed/CAN
Safety function Undervoltage, overvoltage, overcurrent and overtemperature
Weight(kg) 6.3
Suction pressure 0.20~0.45MPa
Exhaust pressure ≤2.5 MPa
System oil volume 8%~12% of the Refrigerant
Water content ≤100ppm
Protection grade IP67
Soft start time 15s
Drive method Sine wave
Driver Main Data Driver Main Data
type of cooling Suction cooling
electromotor control mode No position sensor, sinusoidal drive
Rated bus current 25A
Phase line overcurrent protection current 35A±2A
Withstand voltage 500VAC,1min,No breakdown、flashing
Insulation Resistance >50MΩ
Operation Environment Temperature (℃) -10~+65℃
Store Environment Temperature (℃) -40~+85℃
Electromotor main data Electromotor main data
motor type Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Poles/slots 8 poles / 10 slots
Stator winding connection Three-phase Y
withstand voltage 500VAC,1min,No breakdown、flashing
 insulation resistance  >50MΩ(No refrigerant in the compressor)
>20MΩ(refrigerant in the compressor)
Extreme conditions
voltage(DCV) rotate speed(RPM) Exhaust limit allowable pressure
72(rated) 1000-6000 2.5MPa
85(Voltage HI Limit) 1000-6000 2.5MPa
60(Voltage Low Limit) 1000-1500 2.0Mpa
High Voltage Electric Compressor Overview

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