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24v electric ac compressor
24 volt ac compressor
24 volt dc air conditioner compressor
24v electric ac compressor

20cc/24V Electric AC Compressor

Low Voltage Electric Compressor
Swept Volume (cm³):
Rated Voltage (V):
Weight (kg):
Max. permissible pressure (LP/HP):
0.2 / 2.5 Mpa
Technical Data
Electric compressor is a vital part of electric air conditioning system.

Brief Introdction on DC 24V Electric Compressor for Battery Powered Air Conditioners

GC20A24 vehicle compressor is a low voltage 24 volt DC air conditioner compressor for truck sleeper cab, van, tractor, tractor cab, semi truck cab etc. A compact 24V inverter type scroll AC compressor.
The unique design of GUCHEN EAC 24 volt electric scroll compressor makes it an energy-saving compressor for DC powered air conditioning system in the world today.

24V DC Compressor

Top 4 Reasons Why You should Choose Guchen EAC GC20A24 20cc/24V DC Compressor

1. Fewer wear parts
The innovative scroll design and improved inverter technology makes the low voltage compressor more reliable and efficient, which means considerable saving throughout the lifetime of your electric AC compressor system. The parts of GC20A24 20cc/24V compressor can be hardly worn, so it has a longer service life, less maintenance and service. A compressor that doesn’t require expensive operational costs will save you money in the long run.

2. Energy-saving, Zero-emission
The low voltage electric AC compressor is driven by DC 24V brushless electric motor, 100% R134a oil-free compressor for 24V truck sleeper cab A/C system and other DC powered air conditioning units.
Featured by energy-efficiency, Guchen EAC 24V low voltage electric scroll compressor is a universal solution for vehicle electric air conditioning. It has been widely used in AC system of truck sleeper cab, electric car, special vehicle and so on.
24V AC Compressor DC24V electric air conditioning compressor DC 24V electric compressor

3. Safe
The 20cc/24V low voltage DC scroll compressor runs smoothly with low vibration and quiet working environment, therefore it is also called “Hyperstatic Electric Compressor” for A/C units. It provides a safe power supply to promise the normal function of vehicle electric air conditioning systems.
Meanwhile, the standard DC brushless motor and mature inverter technology protect compressor, and guaranteed its safe operation.

4. Wide application of 24V low voltage scroll DC compressor
The new revolutionary DC24V low volt electric scroll compressor are ideal power source for a large variety of DC powered air conditioning systems (for truck cab, semi truck sleeper cab, van, construction machinery, agricultural equipment cabin, special vehicles, boat etc.)

Components of GC20A24 20cc/24V DC Compressor

components of DC 24V air conditioner compressor 

Extension Reading on Guchen EAC GC20 Series Electric AC Compressor


Guchen EAC GC20 series compressor comprises of GC20A12 and GC20A24. 

GC20A12 DC 12 volt Automotive E-Compressor
GC20A24 DC 24V Compressor
Heat Pump DC 72V Compressor

Displacement (cc/rev): 20cc

We regard GC20 as the most widely-used compressor system because it is with broad range of voltages to meet escalating customer demand for 12V/24V air conditioner for truck or van. 
GC20 series includes a broad line of low voltage compressor (DC 9V~16V,DC 20V~32V) ideal for so many vehicle electric air conditioning systems. 

GC20 Series Performance Curve

Nominal Refrigerating Condition
Evaporation Temperature 0.6℃
Condensation Temp. 55℃
Inspiratory Superheat 10℃
Temperature before Expansion 50℃
Ambient Temperature 50℃
Refrigerant R134a

LD20 Series compressor Performance Curve

Application of 24 volt DC Compressor

24 volt compressors

Guchen EAC 24v ac compressor kit is universally acknowledged for its robust design and high output. The sealed dc compressor is suited for tough working environments. In the past few years, it has been the best selling aftermarket kit for trucks with 24 volt dc air conditioner. For quotes online, please mail to compressor@guchen.com


Model  GC20A24
Refrigerant R134a
Displacement (cc/rev) 20
Rated voltage / Power type DC 24V / DC 20V~32V
Speed range (rpm) 1000~6000
Communication protocal PWM speed control/3-speed control
Operation Environment Temperature (℃) -10~65
Oil Type RL68H/120ml
Max cooling Capacity (W) 3500
Max power (W) 1750
Test Condition Ps/Pd=0.3/1.5Mpa(A), SH/SC=10/5℃
compressor length (mm) 263
Suction diameter D1 (mm) 18.3
Discharge diameter D2 (mm) 15.5
Weight of the compressor (kg) 6.3
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