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GC55A540 electric scroll compressor
540v electric scroll compressor
540v electric compressor for evs
540v electric bus ac compressor

55cc/540V Electric Bus AC Compressor

High Voltage Electric Compressor
Technical Details
Electric AC compressors are an important part of new energy vehicles. They must be of the highest quality to ensure EV performance.
GC55A540 is a large displacement semi-hermetic electric compressor with scroll technology used in the refrigeration systems of electric vehicles. This compressor utilizes R407c refrigerant and features a suction pressure of 0.1~0.6Mpa, and discharge pressure of ≤3Mpa.

Outstanding Features of GC55A540 E-compressor for Bus A/C

◆ Increased Cooling Efficiency

GC55A540 540v Electric a/c Compressor can reach to as large as 19,361w cooling capacity at 6000rpm rotating speed. It is manufactured with the latest scroll technology, which results in increased efficiency over older technologies. Also, the refrigerant used to cool the air is R407c which results in greater efficiency than other natural refrigerants such as R134a, R12 or R22.

Cooling performance of GC55A540 Model
Speed ( rpm) 6000  4000 2000
Cooling capacity(w)  19361 12754 6096
Applied power(w) 6682 4314 2278
COP 2.897 2.956 2.676
55cc electric bus ac compressor

◆ Premium Quality

Innovative technology and design are common to most quality products. The same can be said for quality compressors. The GC55A540 has a semi-hermetic structure design, durable and reliable. It can withstand the rigors of daily use, and handle the high climate control requirements of any new energy vehicles. Additionally, they are much quieter, making GC55A540 ecompressors ideal for use in electric vehicles.

◆ Large Displacement

High performance GC55A540 electric scroll compressor is with a large displacement of 55cc. It combines outstanding efficiency and reliability with the latest scroll technology in one electric compressor. The powerful brushless DC motor provides high power capability to run electric vehicles air conditioning compressors and other heavy load applications.

◆ Affordable

The 540v electric a/c compressor is priced affordably. Its cost is set within the budget of most EV manufacturers/factories. 1 set trail order is available now, for more information on its price, please inquiry to compressor@guchen.com

◆ Super Wide Application/Installation

GC55A540 compressor model is are applicable for a/c systems of pure electric buses, electric off road vehicles, electric cars, electric trucks, and have a wide range of applications in the EV industry.


GC55A540 Video Show

Model No. GC55A540
Voltage DC540V/DC400-800V
Compressor Style Semi-closed electric scroll compressor
Refrigerant R407c
Displacement 55cm³/rev
Normal speed 1000--4500rpm
Max. speed 6000rpm
Evaporator normal temperature -10℃~15.8℃
Condenser normal temperature 26.8℃~79.4℃
Compressor cooling method Suction gas cooling
Refrigerant leakage rate <14g per year
Refrigeration oil POE 68/180ml
Shell Aluminum alloy
Total weight 10 kgs including lubricating oil
 Install method With bolts padded on mounting bracket
Install size 112(L)/102(L)X140mm(W) X87mm(H)
Suction pipe inner size Ф21.3mm
Exhaust pipe inner size Ф15.5mm
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