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EV AC compressor selection guide

What to Look for in an Electric Air Conditioning Compressor

The comprehensive electric compressor selection guide will help you know what to look for in an electric vehicle ac compressor. Confirm with the supplier the voltage, displacement, COP, cooling capacity and electric motor speed range.
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heat pump air conditioning

Heat Pump Air Conditioner, A More Sustainable Technology for EV Manufacturers

Electric car manufacturers choose to use heat pump air conditioner rather than PTC. Heat pump scroll compressor, as the core components in a heat pump HVAC system, ushered in the golden age of development.
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high voltage components

Top Eight High Voltage Components in Electric Cars

In the article, Guchen EAC details the major 8 high voltage components needed in electric cars. They are battery pack, electric motor, PDU, MCU, OBC, DC/DC, electric compressor, PTC heater and high voltage cables. Click to read more detailed information.
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heat pump air conditioner for EVs

Heat Pump Electric Scroll Compressor with Gas Injection Function

Guchen EAC heat pump electric compressors are dedicated designed to solve the heating problem faced by EV air conditioning systems in cold regions. The novel heat pump are with quasi two-stage compression and flash tank vapor injection function.
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heat pump

New Energy Vehicle Heat Pump Air Conditioning Technology in China

Heat Pump, one of the best heating solutions for new energy vehicles. In the article, Guchen EAC details heat pump air conditioning technology and its future development in China.
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vapor injection heat pump

Two-stage Heat Pump Systems with Vapor Injection Scroll Compressor for EVs at Cold Temperatures

Two stage air source heat pump system with vapor injection scroll compressor is an effective method to raise the heat capacity of electric vehicles at low ambient temperature. With vapor injection technology, the refrigerant mass flow rate of compressor discharge is increased, thus with great heating efficiency.
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