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EV air conditioning system

The Difference between New Energy Vehicle Air Conditioning System and Conventional Vehicle One?

Heating source of new energy vehicle air conditioning system is totally different with conventional vehicle one. Different between EV AC system and gasoline vehicle one.
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top selling 350v compressor

Top 2 Best Selling 350V Electric Car AC Compressors

350V compressor for Automakers. Guchen EAC DQ34A350 and HP34A350 are the top 2 best selling electric car ac compressors for automakers.
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high voltage interlock

What do You Need to Know about High Voltage Interlock Loop?

From the perspective of system functional safety, every possible risk needs to be monitored by corresponding safety technical means to reduce the probability of risk occurrence. From this level, high-voltage interlocks are used in circuit design as a safety measure for the safety of high-voltage systems in electric vehicles.
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no-idling applications

Lightweight 12V 24V Compressor for No-idle AC Systems

In the article, Guchen EAC details the components of an auxiliary no-idle AC systems for heavy duty trucking, and the importance of a low voltage electric compressor to no-idle applications.
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types of eCompressor

What are the Two Main Types of Electric AC Compressors?

Electric air conditioning compressor can be divided into low voltage compressor and high voltage ones. In the article, Guchen EAC details the full information on both low voltage and high voltage compressors for your better understanding.
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electric compressor

5 Tips and Tricks on E-Compressor

Guchen electric air conditioning compressors facilitate the development of new energy vehicles. In the near future, thermal management system and electric air conditioning system will have a great performance in automobile industry, so as the electric compressor.
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