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fuel efficiency of ecompressor

Is It More Fuel-efficient for Cars to Use Electric Air-conditioning Compressor

The article shows the reason why electric compressor is a must-have for hybrid vehicles, and its fuel economy benefits when compared with conventional compressor. The results shows that electric compressor has better fuel consumption and coefficient of performance compared to the conventional compressor. 
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electric vehicle NVH problem

Novel Solution Provided by Vibracoustic to Complex NVH Challenge

Electric compressor decoupling system is an innovative NVH solution for electric vehicles. Launched by Vibracoustic, it is achieved by isolating the vibration and noise from electric AC compressor.
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future of electric AC compressor

The Future of HVAC Compressor is Electric |Guchen EAC

The future of electric AC compressor is bright. The fast development of electric and hybrid vehicles is the biggest growth driver of automotive electric HVAC compressor
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inverter compressor

What is Inverter Type Electric Compressors?

Inverter compressor is a newly-designed electric vehicle air conditioning compressor. With features of energy-saving, electricity-saving, they becomes the best choice for air conditioning OEMs.
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