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variable speed electric truck ac compressor

Guchen EAC has Successfully Developed an Air-conditioning Compressor for Electric Trucks

The new compressor is a variable speed electric truck ac compressor with a cooling capacity of 5.9kW, an EER of 2.18 and operates with a highest speed of 6,000 rpm.
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best selling electric compressor for US customers

Best Selling Electric AC Compressors in the United States 2022

Guchen Team has made a detailed research on the sales volume of electric air conditioning compressors in 2022, and we found that US customers showed great interests in several compressor models.
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heat pump electric vehicle compressor with enhanced enthalpy

Innovative Design of Guchen EAC 350V Heat Pump Electric Compressor

The 350V gas injection electric compressor features a unique design that is with a section suction port to form a vapor injection cycle. This heat pump compressor is with enhanced enthalpy, to provide higher heating performance for EVs in cold days.
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electric compressor efficiency

Compressor Efficiency and How Better Compressors can Improve EV Range?

Guchen electric ac compressors are becoming more efficient, allowing them to improve EV range and reduce harmful tailpipe emissions.
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12v air conditioner compressor conserve power

4 Ways the Guchen 12V Compressor can Conserve Power

Guchen 12v ac compressor consumes less power than other similar products on the market today. It is the best power-saving ecompressor, and can be used in many vehicles- car, van, truck, for cabin cooling.
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electric ac compressor manufacturer

Guchen EAC, the Leading Manufacturer of Electric Air Conditioner Compressors

Many people are turning to these new energy efficient electric AC compressors because they provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional compressors that use electricity. Guchen EAC is the top leader in manufacturing of electric a/c compressors.
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