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electric compressor efficiency

Compressor Efficiency and How Better Compressors can Improve EV Range?

Guchen electric ac compressors are becoming more efficient, allowing them to improve EV range and reduce harmful tailpipe emissions.
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12v air conditioner compressor conserve power

4 Ways the Guchen 12V Compressor can Conserve Power

Guchen 12v ac compressor consumes less power than other similar products on the market today. It is the best power-saving ecompressor, and can be used in many vehicles- car, van, truck, for cabin cooling.
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electric ac compressor manufacturer

Guchen EAC, the Leading Manufacturer of Electric Air Conditioner Compressors

Many people are turning to these new energy efficient electric AC compressors because they provide an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional compressors that use electricity. Guchen EAC is the top leader in manufacturing of electric a/c compressors.
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EV battery pack cooling

Electric Compressor for Battery Pack Cooling in Electric Vehicles

Battery pack thermal management is considered essential for the long life and efficient performance of electric vehicles. It is clear that the evolution of battery cooling is accelerating.
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precharge circuit

High Voltage Pre-charge Control Circuits in Electric Vehicles

High voltage pre-charge control circuits, a must-have design to protect electrical power system in electric vehicles. It consists of precharge relay and resistor, to limit inrush current.
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truck parking cooler

Best 12v 24v Electric Compressors 2022 for Truck Parking Coolers

For parking cooler manufacturers who are looking for long-life and quality dc powered 12V 24V compressors, the following 2 compressor models will fit your demands.
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