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The Development Plan of Guchen Compressor in 2024

Guchen EAC, as a professional manufacturer of electric vehicle ac compressors, has been committed to the goal of "innovation, quality, service" for more than 20 years. We have made great efforts in research and development to improve product technology and quality. We provide our customers with high-quality e-compressors and services.

The development plan of Guchen Compressor in 2024 includes:
diversified electric ac compressors

1. Making the Electric Compressors more Diversified;

As the demand for electric vehicle battery cooling and high-power fast charging above 400 volts increases, the increase in thermal management load has led to an increase in compressor displacement. The market compressor displacement has generally increased from 20-34cm3/rev to 40-66cm3/rev.
Guchen EAC's high-voltage compressor products currently supplied to the market in batches include three series: GC20, GC27, and GC34. The compressor displacement covers 20-66 cm³/rev, the voltage range is 12V to 900V, the rotation speed is 1000 to 6500rpm, and the maximum cooling capacity is 14.4kW.
The development plan of Guchen Compressor in 2024 is to make the products more diversified, including compressor series and BTMS series. We will also develop new products for special purposes. For example, 1000V e-compressor for ultra high-voltage platform of electric heavy-duty trucks; the high-efficiency compressor with larger displacement of 80CC; and the development plan of electric air conditioning compressor using R744 refrigerant (CO2).

2. Improve Product Quality and Service;

In terms of quality improvement, Guchen EAC is committed to improving production line automation productivity. At the production base put into operation in Zhuji, Zhejiang, the automation productivity will reach 70%, well ahead of the industry average. In addition, intelligent production lines can make production data traceable, which can greatly improve quality levels and production efficiency.

In addition to the usual displacement indicators for measuring compressor performance, new energy vehicles have put forward newer and higher requirements for compressors in terms of noise, vibration, intelligent control, and reliability.
◆ Noise reduction: Since the noise of the compressor is a direct reflection of the quality of workmanship and components, it is necessary to reduce noise before entering the market. The key lies in whether we can reduce noise effectively and efficiently. The use of BLDC motor, vibration damping devices and other methods can be used to effectively reduce noise. Compared with the original product, the current Guchen compressor has reduced noise by 20% and vibration by 35%. In the coming 2024, new noise reduction technology will be adopted to further reduce the noise of compressor.

◆ High intelligence: With the intelligent development of electric vehicles, the air conditioning system needs to be integrated with smart vehicles. In the future, Guchen will be committed to improving the level of intelligent control of compressor products and integrating with the entire vehicle to achieve functions such as OTA upgrades, and automatic diagnosis. In addition, the smart compressor can be connected with other equipment through Internet or wireless network to achieve remote control and management functions such as remote start-up and shutdown or operation status display. The intelligent control system ensures that all components in the project run stably without failures during operation.
high precision scroll compressor processing
◆ High-precision processing of core components: The quality control of electric scroll compressors covers the entire process from design to processing. From a design perspective, in the past two years, Guchen has redesigned and optimized the scroll profile of the compressor; at the processing level, the anti-rotation structure of the dynamic and static disks and cross slip rings are key mechanical components of the scroll compressor. Manufacturing difficulties mainly focus on processing accuracy and quality consistency assurance. Guchen's core components are processed using internationally renowned brand equipment, and a constant-temperature machining workshop has been built to perform high-precision processing of moving and static plates, with an accuracy reaching micron level. The new assembly line adopts automated design, and production efficiency and quality assurance capabilities have been significantly improved. promote.
The high precision processing of core components such as rotors, stator windings and casing not only guarantees their high reliability but also extends their service life through optimized design and manufacture processes

3. Build Up a Comprehensive After-sale System;

In terms of service capabilities, Guchen EAC will focus on improving from three aspects.
The first is to improve product delivery capabilities. In order to meet the continued growth of new energy vehicles, Guchen has increased investment in production capacity construction. In 2023, the electric compressor production capacity will reach 30 thousands units.
The second is to improve customer responsiveness. Guchen EAC is planning to set up a professional overseas team composed of senior technicians and engineers to serve as the backbone of the company's overseas after-sale service department. They can provide technical guidance to local customers during installation, debugging and maintenance.
Third, Establish an online customer service platform. Guchen will establish an online customer service platform to provide customers with real-time technical support, product information and other services through various channels such as Whatsapp, email, phone and so on. Customers can also use this platform to submit feedback about our products or leave suggestions for improvement. The feedback will be analyzed by our staff members in order to improve our products according to users' needs.
advanced electric compressor production equipment

4. Improve Production Technologies

Currently, Guchen EAC has a series of commercial vehicle electric compressor products and passenger vehicle ones. We also provide OEM service for many famous brands. There are several customized products to meet the individual needs of customers. In the future, we plan to conduct customized research and development according to the needs of different OEM models, establish a joint development technical cooperation model with OEMs, and explore new business service models.
In terms of R&D, the technical team has 15 years of R&D experience in the scroll compressor industry, has forward R&D capabilities, and has obtained more than 20 invention and utility model patents. Guchen EAC has introduced advanced test equipment in the industry, such as air conditioning system performance test, compressor performance test, vibration test, durability test, salt spray test, high and low temperature cycle test, noise test, etc., which are used in two major scenarios: product development and production processes. In order to meet the needs of customers at home and abroad, we will continue to improve our production technology and management level by introducing advanced production equipment and management system; meanwhile, we will also increase investment in R&D on new products with high added value.
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