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66cc 540v electric compressor
66cc large displacement compressor for EVs
540v compressor for electric vehicle air conditioning
540v 66cc electric automobile ac compressor

66cc/540V DC Electric A/C Compressor

High Voltage Electric Compressor
540VDC / 400V~800V
Max. Cooling Capacity:
Speed range
1000 rpm~6000 rpm
Technical Data


66cc 540VDC Voltage

Guchen GC66A540 model is a versatile electric vehicle a/c compressor with DC 540v rated voltage, and large displacement of 66cc. It is capable of handling a wide variety of climate control requirements in electric automobiles.
When it comes to choosing an electric AC compressor, it is important to consider one with a sturdy design for durable operation. One of the best e-compressors on the EV market for this is Guchen GC66A540. It is reliable and efficient, with a durable design that will last for years. With an operating temperature of -10℃~65℃, the 540V electric compressor is built to last in the toughest conditions.

GC66A540 is compatible with R134a and R1234yf refrigerant, and capable of handling a capacity range up to 14,400w (at 6000rpm rotating speed). This compressor provides efficient performance and reliability.
electric automobile ac compressor

What Technologies/Designs Ensure the Great Efficiency of GC66A540 Model?


◆ Advanced scroll technology

Scroll compressors have become more popular in recent years due to their high efficiency and quiet operation.
Guchen GC66A540 is such a kind of electric scroll compressor. It incorporates a stationary scroll and an electrically driven orbiting scroll. The orbiting scroll is driven by an electric motor, which means that the compressor can operate at a wide range of speeds (1000-6000RPM).
GC66A540 electric scroll compressor is more efficient, better at handling large climate control requirements in EVs. This makes them ideal for use in all kinds of electric vehicle applications.

◆ Inverter Drive, Variable Speed

Variable speed inverter drive is a recent innovation in EV air conditioning compressors.
Guchen 66cc 540V e-compressor has an built-in inverter that converts the DC power from the EV’s battery to AC power. This AC power is used to drive the BLDC electric motor. The inverter technology also enables GC66A540 compressor to run at a corresponding speed that matches the load. Its speed can vary from 1000 rpm to 6000 rpm. This means that the compressor can run at a slower speed when the load is low, and it can run at a higher speed when the load is high. This allows the 540V DC compressor to use less energy, extending the cruising range of electric vehicles. In other words, the variable speed 66cc electric compressor helps consist an advanced climate system for EV extended range.
In addition, the variable speed inverter technology makes GC66A540 model more reliable. This is because the compressor can handle fluctuations in the load without damaging the compressor. This is important, because the load on the compressor can vary significantly, depending on the weather and the driving conditions.
540V dc compressor for electric bus

◆ Without Clearance Volume, Resulting in High Volumetric Efficiency

The electric HV AC compressor has become a popular choice for automotive air conditioning systems. One reason for this is its high volumetric efficiency.
Guchen GC66A540 model does not require a clearance volume and therefore has a higher volumetric efficiency. This means that more refrigerant can be pumped into the system, resulting in a more efficient air conditioning system.

◆ Fully Sealed with Improved Cooling Performance

GC66A540 is a fully sealed and insulated electric vehicle AC compressor offers improved performance due to its good sealing performance. The cooling coefficient does not decrease with the increase of operating time but increases slightly.
Guchen 66cc 540V electric compressor also features a thermal overload protector, which helps keep it safe and prevents damage in the event of an overload.
540v dc compressor for EVs

Cooling Performance Data of Guchen GC66A540

Speed ( rpm) 6000 4000 2000
Cooling capacity(W) 14400 9600 4800
Applied power(W) 5237 3429 1740
COP 2.75 2.8 2.76
Model No. GC66A540
Max. Cooling capacity 14.4kW
Voltage DC540V / DC400-800V
Compressor Style Variable speed inverter type electric scroll compressor
Refrigerant R134a/R1234yf
Displacement 66cm³/rev
Normal speed 1000--6000rpm
Max. speed 6000rpm
Rated input power 4500 W
Rated speed 4500 rpm
Compressor cooling method Suction gas cooling
Refrigerant leakage rate <14g per year
Refrigeration oil POE 68/180ml
Shell Aluminum alloy
Total weight 10 kgs including lubricating oil
Install method With bolts padded on mounting bracket
Install size 112(L)/102(L)X140mm(W) X87mm(H)
Suction pipe inner size Ф21.3mm
Exhaust pipe inner size Ф15.5mm
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