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What are the Two Main Types of Electric AC Compressors?

classification of electric ac compressor
For electrical solution providers, if you prepare to buy a new EV AC compressor, you’ll be taking the first step to know about the details of an eCompressor. There is a lot going on behind its working principle and displacement.
Before we get to know about its inner components, Guchen EAC will give you a clear understanding of the two main classification of electric AC compressor. With this knowledge you can stay rest assured when determining the right kind of eCompressor to meet your business needs.

As we all know, electric compressor is an essential part for air conditioning systems in all electric vehicles such as electric cars, hybrid cars, electric buses and no idling air conditioning systems. From the point of view of voltage range, electric compressor can be classified into low voltage DC compressor and high voltage compressor.
voltage range of low voltage compressor

Low Voltage DC Compressor

Voltage range:

DC12V - DC72V
Taking Guchen EAC compressor as example, low voltage compressor includes DC12V, DC24V, DC48V, DC60V, DC72V. Among all the five types, DC12V and DC24V AC compressor are the top 2 best selling ones for no idle application.


low voltage DC compressor is a great solution for any no idling AC systems. It is the best choice for operator or cargo cooling during engine off - parking cooler.
It can apply to below vehicle air conditioner such as heavy-duty trucks (cabin A/C), medium-duty truck, RV (auxiliary cooler), various kinds of construction vehicles and other vehicles & machines where the conventional method of belt driven compressor is not an option.
application of low voltage air conditioning compressor
Wide application of low voltage air conditioning compressor

Displacement (CC/R):

14cc, 15cc, 18cc, 24cc, 27cc, 28cc, 34cc etc.
Compressor displacement stands for compressor capacity. The larger the displacement is, the higher its cooling capacity would be.
At Guchen EAC, we provide 20cc and 27cc low voltage electric compressors, separately including 20cc/12V, 20cc/24V compressor, 27cc/72V, heat pump 20cc/72V, and heat pump 27cc/72V.
low voltage air conditioning compressor

Guchen EAC low voltage DC compressor:

with fewer moving parts, low voltage electric compressors provided by Guchen EAC are hermetic horizontal scroll compressors. It represents the latest generation of compliant scroll compressor technology, outstanding in simple & elegant design, dedicated manufacturing, and ultra-quiet operating.
Guchen EAC scroll compressors are specially designed for the no idle applications. It is oil-free, no-belt driven air conditioning compressor, and offers OEM applications an smooth-operating alternative to de-couple A/C performance from powertrain speed. When compared with traditional reciprocating technology, the innovative scroll compressor technology is much more quieter.
Low voltage electric AC compressor owes to the development of electrification. It is the product of “Engine Anti-idling Law”.

voltage range of high voltage AC compressor

High Voltage AC Compressor

Voltage range:

Above 320V (320V - 800V)
High voltage compressor normally works in the voltage range of 320 to 800 volts


High voltage compressor is a must-have for electric cars, electric buses (transit or school), electric delivery trucks, electric off-road vehicle (loaders, dozer, excavator etc.) and other electric vehicles.
Except for electric air conditioning system, high voltage AC compressors are also widely used for battery cooling. Thermal management systems in electric vehicles are generally more complex than in conventional vehicles. High voltage compressor plays a great role in battery thermal management system.
application of high voltage compressor


The advantages of high voltage electric compressors include
◆ improved efficiency
Electric compressors adopt scroll principle and inverter technology with higher COP (coefficient of performance) compared with usual piston compressor. Especially heat pump compressors provides higher contribution to energy saving in EVs.
◆ lower total cost of operation
Electric compressors are designed to find the best possible energy efficient solution that respects the environment and to provide worldwide electric vehicle HVAC and refrigeration industry the most advanced machining that reduces total life cycle costs.
◆ reduced operation noise
High voltage scroll compressors are manufactured using fewer moving parts. To a great extent, the scroll technology decreases operation noise and vibrations. Electric compressor involving fewer parts means quiet operation, less wearing out, fewer maintenance needs, lower sound level and less downtime.
high voltage electric compressor

Guchen EAC high voltage compressor:

Guchen EAC offers six different HV compressors now, which includes
HP320 ( 20cc/27cc heat pump 320V compressor),
HP34A350 (heat pump 34cc 350V compressor),
DQ320 (20cc/27cc 320V compressor),
DQ34A350 (34cc/350V compressor),
FP40A380AB (40cc/380V),
FD86A320AC (86cc/320V).
Our world-class compressors offer the electric vehicle market a cost effective option for comfort cooling requirements.

Electrification is Coming Fast!
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