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Lightweight 12V 24V Compressor for No-idle AC Systems

no-idling HVAC systems

Auxiliary No-idle HVAC Systems

A no-idle AC system is mainly powered by 12V/24V/72V low voltage battery. It is an auxiliary system for trucks, vans, RVs, construction machinery, farming equipment etc.
The system is without the need to run the vehicle’ engine, therefore it is regarded as an Inevitable outcome of the Government’s Engine Anti-Idling Law. From the point of view of environment protection, a 12V 24V no-idling AC system is needed for all long-hual truck drivers. From the point of view of cost reduction, it is also a must-have for fleets and vehicle owners to reduce diesel cost.
12V DC Compressor

What does a 12V 24V Battery Powered HVAC System Consist of?

Guchen EAC made a detailed research on the inner components, price, installation method and cooling performance of the hot selling battery powered AC systems in the market in 2019. No matter a rooftop air conditioning unit or a back-wall mounted one you choose to buy, they all consist of the below-mentioned 4 parts:
1) Condenser
2) Evaporator
3) Control Panel
4) Low voltage electric compressor
Compressor, as the heart of an air conditioning system, plays the most essential role for the whole vehicle’s heating and refrigeration function.

Guchen EAC would like to share more know-how knowledge on low voltage compressor, its importance to no-idle applications and the most recommended low voltage compressor units for OEM and aftermarket systems.
12v 24v low volt compressor

Functions of 12V 24V Compressor in a No-idle HVAC System

For heavy duty trucking, a 12Vdc air conditioning system is equipped with a 12V dc compressor, providing heating and cooling of the sleeper area without running the vehicle engine.
Nowadays, electric compressors sold in the EV market are with variable speed, adopting the latest inverter technology. The scroll compressor is connected to the evaporator and condenser assemblies to provide cooling. As the electric controller controls the output voltage to the 12V dc scroll compressor, the temperature within the sleeper cab is maintained. The cooling capacity varies. Taking Guchen EAC 20cc/24v dc compressor for example, its max cooling capacity is 3,500W. a 20cc/12V compressor is with 2,400W cooling capacity.
24V AC Compressor
To improve the heating efficiency of no-idle AC system, compressor manufacturers were working to provide a more stable solution based on the basic design of low voltage scroll compressor. A heat pump system is worked out with improved performance when it comes to provide heat to the sleeper cab in winter days. That is to say, a no-idle AC system that is mated with a heat pump electric compressor is able to provide a full, hot/cold weather idle reduction system. Guchen EAC 20cc/72V heat pump compressor is with a 5,800W maximum heating capacity.
72V DC Compressor

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