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Guchen EAC has Successfully Developed an Air-conditioning Compressor for Electric Trucks

In trucks with conventional internal combustion engines, the air conditioning compressor is usually driven via pulleys and V-belts. In pure electric vehicles, there is no such mechanical transmission, the compressor is driven by an electric motor, which is integrated into the vehicle's high-voltage network.
The development of an electric compressor is a complex process as it requires knowledge of many different technologies. This includes electronic controls and embedded systems, air-conditioning technology, mechanical design, thermodynamics and mathematics. Guchen EAC successfully developed an electric truck a/c compressor (GC34A540) based on its own rich experience in automotive air-conditioning system supplier. The GC34A540 can be used for full electric commercial trucks and vans with high requirements for fuel efficiency.
GC34A540 electric truck ac compressor

GC34A540 Electric Truck A/C Compressor | Guchen EAC

The new compressor, with a cooling capacity of 6.1KW, is small size and can be used in the compact installation space, making it suitable for electric truck air conditioning systems. The mechanical unit, electric motor and motor controller are integrated and modularized. Special attention was paid to low weight and high efficiency during the development process. Ensure efficient use of the limited power available from the vehicle's battery pack.

The variable speed technology is a key feature in the GC34A540 electric compressor. It ensures that the truck’s cooling system is always capable of meeting the demands placed on it at any given time. It is a breakthrough technology that offers improved efficiency and runtime. The compressor responds quickly to changes in load and motor speed, maximizing the systems cooling capability when it's needed most. The variable-speed compressor provides the best possible efficiency for all electric truck types and load conditions by automatically adjusting its speed according to the load on the cooling system. This ensures that only as much energy as is required is used.
electric truck compressor with mounting brackets and anti-vibration washers
Another development focus was the quietness of the compressor during operation, as the noise and vibrations generated by the compressor can disturb the driver and passengers. To address this issue, Guchen EAC installed two mounting brackets with four anti-vibration washers around the compressor so that it does not create undue noise or vibrations when it is running. This design also helps protect against any external noises from entering into the cabin of the electric truck. Besides that, GC34A540 compressor uses a special oil separation technology that enables it to produce less noise and vibration when it is operating.
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