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electric forklift battery cooling

What is Battery Cooling System in Electric Forklifts?

The battery cooling system in electric forklifts is an important part of the vehicle design. The battery must be cooled so that the battery temperature does not rise above the maximum allowable limit.
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electric compressor for EV battery thermal management system

The Role of Electric Compressor in Automotive BTMS

The role of electric compressor in electric vehicle BTMS is to maintain the temperature of the battery packs and keep them in optimal operating range. The compressor uses refrigerant which absorbs heat from cells and releases it outside air by extracting heat from the battery pack, thus reducing its temperature.
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800v high voltage platform

800V AC Compressor has been Developed to Meet the Increasing Demands of EV Fast Charging

It is easier to reach higher efficiency at higher voltages, than at higher current. The increasing fast charging demands push the research of 800V EV AC compressor.
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EV air conditioner refrigerant

Six Types of Refrigerants that are Commonly Used in Electric Vehicle A/C System

R134a, R404a, R407c, R1234yf, R410a, R744 (CO2) refrigerants are the six most widely used refrigerants for electric vehicles. We will explain the pros and cons of each type of the EV refrigerant.
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low voltage ac compressor

Low Voltage AC Compressor for Parking Air Conditioner in Brazil

Guchen low voltage ac compressor are used to supply the power for truck parking cooling system in Brazil automotive air conditioning market and thus can lower the cooling energy cost.
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electric compressor for construction machinery

Guchen EAC Introduces Custom Electric Compressor Solutions for Electric Construction Machinery

Guchen EAC introduces custom electric compressor solutions for electric construction machinery. Designed to provide a powerful and efficient solution for high performance electric compressors that can be used in a variety of applications.
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