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4 Ways the Guchen 12V Compressor can Conserve Power

Guchen LD20A12AB 12V compressor is an eco-friendly, energy-efficient option for cooling your vehicle. It is designed to precisely control the climate of the cabin of a vehicle. In this way, it helps conserve power by not cooling unnecessary areas that require no extra attention. Here are four ways your vehicle can benefit from using a Guchen 12 volt compressor:
Guchen 12v DC Compressor


Utilizing a Brushless Motor

Brushless motors are more efficient and reliable than brushed motors. They also last longer, allowing you to save money on replacement costs. Brushless motors do cost slightly more than brushed ones, but the added benefits will help you recoup that initial expense in no time at all. And if you take into account their longer lifespan and reduced power consumption over time, they will pay for themselves many times over.
Guchen 12v air conditioning compressor utilizes BLDC motor, which helps keep the electric compressor working much quieter, and produces less heat than traditional ones. Another advantage is that their high power-to-weight ratio makes Guchen compressors relatively efficient and powerful for their size.
Besides that, the electric motor has a soft start function to reduce the starting current and protect the motor from damage caused by overloading.
Guchen brushless motor

Using 12V Air Conditioner Compressor to Precisely Cool the Vehicle Cabin

You can use the 12V compressor to cool only the cabin of your vehicle instead of cooling the entire car. This will conserve a lot of power and reduce fuel consumption by at least 30%. The reason is that this type of compressor uses less energy and thus it is more efficient at maintaining the temperature inside your car.
How does electric driven compressor control the vehicle climate: The air conditioning compressor changes a liquid refrigerant into a gas and pumps it through the evaporator. The evaporator absorbs heat from the vehicle cabin, causing the refrigerant to change back into a liquid and circulate through the system again.
Applications of Guchen compressor in vehicles: The 12V DC compressor can be used as an eco-friendly solution for DC powered air conditioning systems in trucks, vans, cars etc. This type of compressor is particularly useful for cooling small spaces, such as truck cabin, excavator cab etc..

Using 12V Automotive AC Compressor with an Auxiliary Power Unit

An APU is a device that provides electricity to vehicles when the engine is not running; it is usually used as the power source of parking air conditioner in hot summer days.
If you are looking for a way to save energy and conserve power on your vehicle, then the Guchen 12V air conditioner compressor is a great option. This product can be used to power a 12 volt a/c system, with an auxiliary power unit to provide cool air while using much less power than a traditional air conditioning system.

eco-friendly 12v dc ac compressor

Utilizing Variable Frequency Drive Technology

The12v dc ac compressor can automatically adjust to an optimal operating speed according to the temperature and humidity conditions inside the vehicle.
1. How does the variable frequency drive work?
The variable frequency controller has a microprocessor that regulates the motor speed in accordance with intime climate requirements. This ensures that the compressor runs at its optimum efficiency.

2. What are the benefits of using a variable frequency drive?
Using a variable frequency drive allows you to control the speed of your air conditioner, which means it uses less energy and therefore costs less to run. It also means that the compressor will last longer because it is not working harder than it needs to.
It can help us to enjoy a cool, comfortable and healthy life.


When it comes to saving power, Guchen 12V compressor has a lot of potential. It can help vehicle owners save on fuel costs by powering the air conditioning system in your car with a 12V battery, instead of running it off of your vehicle's main battery.
It's a tool that can help vehicle owners conserve energy, which is something we all need more of in this day and age.
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