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What is Inverter Type Electric Compressors?

Inverter type electric compressor is an energy-effcient compressor whose output can be varied from about 40% to 120% of rated capacity, to speed down or up to exactly match the climate demand of the electric vehicle (bus, hybrid car etc.).
It is an inverter-driven AC compressor capable of continuously running to provide cooling capability no matter the vehicle engine stops or not. An inverter type electric AC compressor comprises of an electric motor, an inverter, a compression device and the control panel.
inverter type electric compressor inverter type electric compressor

Why to integrate the inverter with electric compressor?

Conventionally, the inverter of the high-voltage devices was installed in power control unit. Nowadays, there is increasing need to integrate inverter with the electric compressor. Guchen EAC electric compressor devices are dedicated designed with inverter-integrated construction. This special design makes the whole electric AC compressor compact and integrated. The compact inverter type electric compressor needs for small size, perfectly match all current electric or hybrid vehicles.

How does the inverter electric AC compressor achieve increased efficiency?

Operating the electric motor from direct current (high voltage DC200v - DC450v) ↔ varying the operating voltage to vary the speed of the electric compressor motor ↔ changing the motor speed to vary the inverter compressor speed ↔ thus to control the indoor temperature of the electric vehicles
When the inverter type electric compressor is on, it doesn’t need to run in full capacity. To a great extent, it enables the electric vehicle AC system consumes less electricity. And it improves the efficiency of the HVAC system through variable capacity technology, which is the main reason why inverter type compressor becomes the first choice of EV air conditioning OEMs.
Guchen EAC inverter compressors adopts the most advanced energy saving inverter technology. It eliminates wasted operation in electric vehicle air conditioners by varying the electric motor speed efficiently.

Inverter Technology

An AC unit with inverter compressor technology is also called “inverter air conditioner”. In the past, inverter technology is mainly adopted to residential cooling system. People are very familiar with the word “Inverter AC”. With years of striving for unprecedented levels of electric compressor efficiency, the compressor manufacturers have successfully applied the inverter technology to electric vehicle ACs.
It greatly improves the reliability and comfort of air conditioning system.
Guchen EAC offers advanced inverter technology. Our Inverter-driven compressors are developed for electric vehicle HVAC systems. They help electric bus AC OEMs achieve superior system efficiency, control and reliability. It earns great popularity at home and abroad.  

Why Choose Guchen EAC Inverter Electric Compressor?

Air conditioning is an essential part among all the functions of electric vehicles. With Guchen EAC inverter compressor technology, it enables increased climate comfort in your electric/hybrid vehicles. With features of energy and cost saving, Guchen inverter type electric compressors have been widely applied to electric bus air conditioning and other EV AC systems.

Inverter Type Electric AC Compressor VS. Non-inverter one

The main difference between inverter electric compressor and non-inverter one is the method used to control the cooling capacity of the air conditioner. By using inverter type compressor, the cooling capacity can be controlled by electric compressor motor whose rotation speed is changeable by adjusting the power supply frequency, so as to achieve the purpose of continuously adjusting the cooling capacity.

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