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14 Sets of LD20A12AB Electric AC Compressor for sale Abroad

ld20a12ab 12v electric compressor for sale

On 29th, May, 2023, Guchen EAC shipped 14 LD20A12AB electric air conditioning compressors to our North America customer. The customer ordered the compressor from Guchen and paid for them in advance. Then we delivered the goods on time. The 12v compressors were packaged appropriately and shipped by air in accordance with their requirements.
The overseas market for this product is expanding rapidly due to its stable quality and high efficiency.
well packaged 12v compressor for sale
LD20A12AB is a 12v dc compressor for air conditioner, with 20cc displacement. The electrical parameters of its electric motor are as follows:
Motor type Permanent magnet brushless DC motor
Poles/Slots 8 poles / 12 slots
Stator winding connection Three-phase Y
Withstand voltage 500VAC, 1 min. No breakdown, flashing
Insulation resistance >50MΩ (No refrigerant in the compressor)
>20MΩ (Refrigerant in the compressor)
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