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40 Sets of DC 12V Compressor Shipped Abroad

After a trial order of 5 LD20A12AB 12V DC compressors in April, 2022, our overseas customer placed a 40 sets order on the low volt a/c compressors (20cc 12v and 27cc 12v) for their newly-designed no-idle air conditioning applications this June.

"LD20A12AB achieved guaranteed performance after two week's on-site test. We are truly satisfied with the reliability of LD series compressor. After a happy cooperation with Guchen EAC this April, we opted for LD20A12AB again for the coming project. Low operation noise and high energy efficient is our priority. We are sure the 12v compressor will be an essential utility for our a/c system"
12v dc compressor packaging

12v a/c compressor ready for shipping

Ready for Shipping

Guchen 12v ac compressor with compact design

Well-designed Guchen 12V DC compressor

Why Opt for LD20A12AB model?

◆ It helps worldwide customers fulfil climate control in cold winter and hot summer, providing comfort riding environment for users.

◆ Thanks to VSD 12v dc compressor, the truck ac runs very quiet and efficient.

◆ With robust design and well referenced components, the state-of-the-art electric compressor is suitable for all working environment.
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