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13 Units of 24V Compressor for Mining Truck Rooftop HVAC Systems

13 sets of 24v ac compressor
In January, 2022, Guchen EAC shipped 13 low voltage 24V compressors abroad. The 13 compressor units will be installed on haul trucks HVAC units, providing an innovative anti-idle solution in the local of our client.

Nowadays, battery powered air conditioners have been widespread used on trucks, semi trucks, mining haul trucks, for independent cooling to the operator's cab. Electric compressor, as the most vital part of DC powered truck ac system, should be designed with higher quality, better efficiency and more affordable price, to fulfill the increasing customer requirements on HVAC industry.
24v ac compressor shipped abroad

Guchen EAC LD27A24AB model is built sturdy. It can tolerate a harsh working environment or extreme temperatures. No matter what construction machinery it will be used for, LD27A24AB 24v compressor can always perform well and efficiently.
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