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Three 12V Electric Compressors Exported Abroad

On 15th, Sep., 2021, Guchen EAC exported three LD20A12AB compressors to the oversea customers. One is used for the AC installation on a non-air conditioned Suzuki car. The other two 12V compressors is a trail order from our customer, with the application for large trucks anti-idling ac systems.
12 volt ac compressor for Suzuki car

There are several different types of low voltage ac compressors supplied by Guchen EAC now. LD20A12AB model is the best selling 12V compressor with wide applications in vintage auto, marine AC unit, semi truck sleeper cabin air conditioner kit, RV air conditioning & heating system etc.

12 volt compressor export case

Technologies used in LD20A12AB 12V Compressor:

◆ variable speed -- very low power consumption.
◆ scroll technology -- the 12 volt ac compressor is with two intermeshing scrolls inside the chamber, one is stationary scroll, the other orbiting relative to the stationary scroll.
◆ electric motor -- it is completely driven by an electric motor, widely applied in mining, construction and industrial applications.
For more information on its latest quotation, please mail to ec@guchen.com or shao@guchen.com

12v compressor for mining truck
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