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80 Pcs Guchen Compressors Shipped to Denso North America

HP34A350 electric compressor
Item HP34A350
Manufacturer Guchen EAC
Shipping Date 2020-4-12
Shipped to Los Angeles, CA
QTY/G.W. 80pcs/504kg

HP34A350 is Guchen Compressors’ answer to the needs of users requiring reliability and comfort in their utilization of electric vehicle air conditioners. On 12th, Apr., 2020, 80 pieces brand new Guchen HP34A350 DC350V powered electric compressors were shipped to Denso North America.
The HP34A350 is designed to operate efficiently and reliably. Its design is based on Guchen EAC’s “Heat Pump (HP, in short)” series, which is a novel-designed electrically-driven air conditioning compressor. Guchen electric compressor works with the environmentally friendly refrigerant R134a. It is possible to operate the HP34A350 electric compressor at variable speed under different running modes, options and parameters. Its minimum speed is 1,000 rpm, and maximum speed 6,000 rpm.
HP34A350 electric AC compressor

Why did Denso North America Choose to Cooperate with Guchen EAC?

Guchen EAC has been in dedicated manufacturing of AC compressor since 1997. Our rich experience in HVAC industry enables us solve almost all the problems that our customers may have in the future.
◆ To a great extent, Guchen’s green environmental compressors contribute to the promotion of DENSO’s eco-friendly manufacturing.
◆ There is a wide variety of electric AC compressor options available to DENSO, such as high voltage ac compressor (DC320V. DC350V, DC380V, DC400V) and low voltage electric compressor (DC12V, DC24V, DC72V).
HP34A350 electric compressor for sale
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